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ServiceNow Developer Mentorship Program 2023

      It's been an exciting adventure working as a ServiceNow Developer for the past three years.

      I was studying about Cloud Computing long ago and when the chance to work with the platform emerged in 2021, I grabbed it with both hands.

      My previous experience as a software developer was good and bad at the same time. I'll try to explain what happened about my coding skills when applied to the development process.

      2021 - The 1st year:
      At first I started coding everything. Record Producer logic & validation was in Client Scripts and all back-end logic in Script Includes.
      After many NowLearning courses and navigating the community I understood how to use UI Policies to do things (Mandatory, Read-Only, Show/Hide fields) instead of putting everything on Client Scripts. Besides that my understanding of Business Rules reached a decent level.

      2022 - The 2nd year:
      I invested time learning about ITIL and it was a game changer.
      Before every deployment to the test instance I study all findings (Security issues, Performance issues, User Experience issues and so on) and fix them.
      My tech lead was proud of me.

      2023 - The 3rd year:
      As a mentee with the ServiceNow Developer Mentorship Program I learned beyond scripting. I started studying the code efficiency.
      How to make my code clean for better maintenance? Can it be executed faster?
      In this scenario I'm evolving my overall JavaScript and best practices knowledge.
      My mentor Ashutosh Munot shared his knowledge and demonstrated patience and empathy for one entire year. Believe me when I say the man is a monk, because I ask a lot of questions!
      Jokes aside, I'll always be grateful for his guidance.
      Thank you for everything teacher!

      Nowadays I keep in mind the importance of refactoring, keeping the technical debt under control.
      As I knew how to code I thought it was necessary to code all the time. Now I see that we should know when to code.
      We have tons of capabilities in APIs and as we get to know them, we get the job done with less code.
      And as someone said once: No code, No problem!

      Thanks for reading!

ServiceNow Developer Mentorship Program 2023