Scripting in ServiceNow
A step in our learning journey

Advent of Code
Try to solve programming puzzles using your programming skills

Robert "The Duke" Fedoruk
The day when The Duke purchased his first ServiceNow subscription

Another good conversation
Best practices for application deployment

Welcome to the Demo Lab  
The Laboratory door is open and entry is permitted - January 30, 2024

Live Code Happy Hour
Special Edition featuring the 2024 ServiceNow MVPs - February 23, 2024

The nowGurukul Challenge 2024
A brilliant initiative from NowGurukul & Learn N Grow Together & friends to help the developer journey - March 01, 2024

Refactoring an Application to avoid a direct reference to the Choice [sys_choice] table
Otherwise your end user can see a lot of sys_ids - March 06, 2024