Demo Lab to acquire Camachito One

A dedicated MID Server for our research projects - April 1, 2024

Say hello to Camachito One!

Camachito One       Camachito One is a dedicated MID Server to our Demo Lab.
      In this introductory article I'll talk about his first day at home so you can know him a little bit better.

      1 - Configuration

      Dell Inspiron 15 5547
      Processor: Intel Core i7
      Memory: 16GB RAM
      Hard disk: 1TB SSD
      Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language

      2 - Purpose

      This MID Server will be used for educational purposes only.
      Some characteristics and even the operating system are not designed for a corporate environment as we will discuss here.

      3 - How to access the MID Server from my main laptop

      In a real scenario, MID Servers most of the time are virtual machines. The reason behind this statistic as you can imagine is the cost.
      If we have 100 virtual machines it will be way cheaper than maintaining 100 Desktop Servers.
      Since we want our MID Server to be as similar as possible to a real scenario, let's suppose Camachito One is a virtual machine so the only way to have access to it would be by establishing a remote connection. And here my problems began.
      The operating System - Windows 10 Single Home - does not support remote connections natively. I don't give up easily, so I did research to understand how to solve this problem.

      4 - Installing TightVNC

TightVNC Software

      This is a free open source Remote Desktop software and it was everything I was looking for.

      I downloaded the Installer for Windows (64-bits). A simple double-click over the downloaded file started the installation.

      Here you will find the Next Next Finish installer. You can accept the recommended options and it will be good enough.

TightVNC Setup

      During the process you will create a (max) 8-digit password that will be used later. Please write it down and do not forget it.

TightVNC Setup

      After the installation is finished, your system has a service up and running to provide the remote access:
Windows service

      Now we can go to our main machine to continue from there.

      5 - Installing a Remote Desktop Viewer (Mac version)

      In the App Store I searched for “Remote Ripple” and installed it.

Apple Store

      5.1 Configuring the remote connection

      When we open the software there is a button called [New connection]

New connection

      To see a list of IPs within your local network, you can open a terminal and type:

      arp -a [Enter]

      With this I discovered the Camachito One IP address to provide in the Host field.

      You can leave the Port field blank.

      Define a name for your connection and click on the [Connect] button.

IP address

      Do you remember the password we wrote down while installing the software in our MID Server?

      After clicking on the [Connect] button we need to provide that password and click [Ok] like below.


      In a future article we can configure our MID Server remotely. This is super cool, isn't it?

Remote Access

      Thanks for reading!