Car Insurance App - Part 4

Software Maintenance is a broad activity

      Our stakeholders decided that the version was ready to be deployed in Production.
      You worked with the Operations team and the Car Insurance Application was successfully deployed. Congrats!
      What happens now?

Software Maintenance

      Our Car Insurance Application will evolve over time. By adding new functionalities and modifying others, it will grow more complex.
      What can we do in order to reduce this complexity?
      Software maintenance includes error correction, enhancements of capabilities, removal of obsolete capabilities, and optimization.
      The platform has tools to help the developer in this mission.
      Let's explore one tool you can run to improve the quality of your software.

      In the platform back-end you can find your App in the module "My Company Applications":

My Company Applications

      Click on your App and scrow down. In the Related Links, you will find the tool "Scan Application"

Scan Application tool

      Click on "Scan Application" to execute the tool

Related Links

Scan Findings

      A finding points to a component (Source column) that can be refactored in order to improve the quality of your software.
      The Check column explains what can be improved.

Scan result

      The Scan Application tool can be executed at any time.
      It is a good practice to use this tool before moving a version to the test instance.

      Thanks for reading.