Validating a data field in a Service Portal

by using a Catalog Client Script

      Use Case: When submitting a Record Producer, a date field can’t be in the past. How to accomplish this?

      We can create a Catalog Client Script.

      1) What is the trigger?

      The script will run when the date field value changed.

      2) What do we need to confirm?

      We need to check if the date provided is in the future.

      3) What if the date is not in the future?

      If the date is not in the future, then we show an error message to inform that the date cannot be in the past.

      Step by step process

      1) Create a Record Producer (RP) and define the Catalog and Category so it will be visible in a Service Portal

      2) Create a variable in your RP. In this example, the variable will have this configuration:

      Type: Date
      Question: Project Deadline
      Name: project_deadline
      Mandatory: Yes (checked)

      3) Create a Catalog Client Script in your RP to check if the project_deadline value changed. If the date is in the past, show an error message to the user.

      Your Catalog Client Script will look like this:

      Name: Validate Project Deadline
      Applies to: A Catalog Item
      UI Type: Mobile / Service Portal
      Type: onChange
      Variable name: project_deadline


      It's the same script below but as simple text so you can copy it. :)

function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) {

    if (isLoading || newValue == '') {
        g_form.hideFieldMsg('project_deadline', true);

    //If the Project Deadline is in the past, show error message
    var deadlineDate = new Date(getDateFromFormat(newValue, g_user_date_format));
    var nowDate = new Date();

    if (nowDate.getTime() >= deadlineDate.getTime()) {

        g_form.setValue('project_deadline', '');
        g_form.showErrorBox('project_deadline', 'Project deadline should be after today', true);

    } else {

        g_form.hideFieldMsg('project_deadline', true);



      4) Did you manage to test it? Are you able to submit the form if you inform a date in the past? Tell me what you got!