Is it normal to fail a certification every now and then?

Nobody is perfect

Today I went to take the San Diego Delta CSA certification exam and man... I failed.

San Diego Delta

      After many years of striving for perfection, I want to share something with you: it causes suffering.

      Seeking perfection in everything we do blinds us to the wonderful things we've already achieved. There is nothing wrong with seeking success, this article is for us to reflect on whether there is a way to control anxiety during this journey.

      I know I can't live without seeking for challenges. So what can I do to avoid all the stress?

      Look at the fact that I failed that exam. It's the end of the World? Certainly not!

      It is important to feel when we are overreacting. The email itself tries to calm me down by informing that I have a total of 4 attempts to pass the test.

      Well... so prepare yourself better and try again!

      My friend Reginaldo Koga always warns me that perfectionism, depending on the degree to which it is pursued, can be a source of happiness or unhappiness. Our challenge will always be to find the middle path.