ITOM special talk

Atul "AG" Grover interviews Ajay Kumar - March 16, 2024

      I have been studying about ITAM (IT Asset Management) and this knowledge leads to the mainline certifications like CIS-HAM and CIS-SAM, corresponding to Hardware Asset Management and Software Asset Management.

      This morning while conducting my studies I came across a Live where Atul "AG" Grover invited Ajay Kumar to share his knowledge about ITOM.

      I was revising my notes and listening to Ajay at the same time but suddenly I couldn't help it. I left my notes and I was totally focused on Ajay speech.

      If the ITOM Discovery is not well executed to populate a CMDB properly, I can't improve any Hardware or Software management process!

      My conclusion is that ITAM and ITOM are deeply connected and I didn't miss the opportunity to confirm this with the expert.
      I'm looking forward to the next session!

Atul "AG" Grover interviews Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar interview