ITOM special talk - Session 2

Atul "AG" Grover interviews Ajay Kumar - March 23, 2024

      In this interesting Live Ajay goes deeper about ITOM modules and its particularities.

      During the event, Atul asked us this question:
      - If you have the chance to change one thing within the ITOM space, what would it be?

      Without thinking too much I said the first thing that crossed my mind. It was something like this:
      - Talking about Data Sources, the platform uses some field values to automatically generate the Connection URL when we save the record.
      - When dealing with Oracle databases (JDBC Connector), we need to be aware about how this Connection URL is generated to make sure it is correct.
      Ajay and Atul, thank you again for another great session!

Atul "AG" Grover interviews Ajay Kumar - Session 2

Ajay Kumar interview - Session 2