The community ranking system

The day I became a Mega Guru

Community ranking

      I received this notification telling me that now I'm a Mega Guru. Then I start thinking... how does this ranking system works? Do you know? Let's explore it together.

      First of all, I liked the prefixes' names. They are: Kilo, Mega, Giga and Tera.

      The lowest is Kilo and the highest is Tera. Like the storage units, we have the order below.




      There are six levels and they are: Explorer, Contributor, Expert, Guru, Sage, and Patron as below.


      We start as a Kilo Explorer and, while participating in the community we earn points to advance to Mega Explorer.

      In each Level, we go from Kilo to Tera before advancing to the next one. With that in mind, we can count a total of 24 possible combinations:

      24 - Tera Patron
      23 - Giga Patron
      22 - Mega Patron
      21 - Kilo Patron
      20 - Tera Sage
      19 - Giga Sage
      18 - Mega Sage
      17 - Kilo Sage

      16 - Tera Guru
      15 - Giga Guru
      14 - Mega Guru
      13 - Kilo Guru
      12 - Tera Expert
      11 - Giga Expert
      10 - Mega Expert
      09 - Kilo Expert

      08 - Tera Contributor
      07 - Giga Contributor
      06 - Mega Contributor
      05 - Kilo Contributor
      04 - Tera Explorer
      03 - Giga Explorer
      02 - Mega Explorer
      01 - Kilo Explorer

Earning points to advance your Level

      Different activities have different weights in order to give you points.

      The logic behind is the value that the activity bring to the community. These are the activities and respective weights from highest to lowest:
  • Article & Blog Authoring       
  • Accepted Solution Received       
  • Helpful Received       
  • Helpful Comments       
  • Contributions, Message Views, Comments, Logins

          Thanks for reading!